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Financial Opportunities

Romanian Cash Rebate

The Romanian Government approved a state aid scheme, offering a 35% cash rebate on qualified expenditure for international productions shooting in Romania. The scheme consists of non-reimbursable financial allocations.


tax rebate of the eligible Romanian spend


additional use for promoting Romania through explicit locations (60% of the story is set in Romania)


for productions that meet all these requirements

  • a €50 milion ($56.3 milion) annual fund has been set aside by the government: if the annual budget has been exhausted, the applications which haven’t been funded within the annual buget, will be funded from the folowing year’s budget, if they are approved)
  • cap per project: €10 milion as maximum value of the state aid
  • minimum spent amount per project: €100.000

Types of Productions


based on a service agreement


European or other international financial and/or creative participation, based on a co-production agreement


cultural test criteria
categories: short & medium films, TV series, VOD, or any other support, fiction, documentary, animation.

Exclusions: Commercials, TV sitcoms, reality shows, daily soaps, audiovisual works with electoral, political or religious propaganda; sporting events, games or competitions; talkshows; demonstrative programs for different hobbies or projects; lifestyle programs, free programs (without scenario) are excluded, violent and porn films are excluded.

23FILM Can Provide

administration and legal framework for the production

administration related to the cash rebate

production services (crew, equipment, locations, etc.)


Opportunity: Tax incentives

Romanian Tax Policy offers a great opportunity for film production companies

As a foreign film production company, if you work with us, you can extract back up to 45% of your money spent on productions in Romania.


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