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What we can shoot for you?

With the support and assistance of our dedicated team of specialists, using state-of-the-art equipment and putting at good use our entire logistic arsenal, we will guide you step by step in creating an extraordinary movie or video.

We assist you in the process of defining the concept, in outlining the content as well as video strategy, supporting you in the development of a professional storyboard.

We help you set out production budgets and, thanks to the professionalism of our specialized scouts, we make sure that you have identified the most suitable shooting locations.

We manage all the production phases: from the pre-production logistics to the post-production details that make the difference.

Moreover, for each individual project, we provide you with video advertising, the latest in special effects as well as in sound design.

Let's Create Digital Content

We'll develop new media strategies


Opportunity: Tax incentives

Romanian Tax Policy offers a great opportunity for film production companies

As a foreign film production company, if you work with us, you can extract back up to 45% of your money spent on productions in Romania.


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