[:en]Making a good commercial is all about crafting a message that speaks to your customers and a production plan.

How to produce a Commercial

What is the message of your commercial?
The initial step is to define exactly what you’re commercial will be about. Is your commercial advertising your business in general? Or is it emphasised on a particular product or event? Because commercials need to be brief it’s preferable to focus on one topic per ad rather than attempting to fit in too much at once. If there are several things that you want to promote you can create a variety of commercials that are produced similarly but each has a different focus.

What’s the story of your commercial?

This is the creative section of crafting a commercial when you get to brainstorm. It can be very frustrating to create a commercial that is short (if it’s made for TV it’s usually 15 or 30 seconds) yet interactive and memorable. You can search for a way to utilise humour or maybe shock the audience. Either way you need to ensure that your final product is clear in it’s message.
The best method to come up with ideas for your new commercial is to look for production companies that can also create engaging concepts and stories. Use professionals as they will help you in finding locations,hiring crew and interpreters, develop a script but also budgeting depending on how much you want to spend.
Film Your Commercial

When the script is completed, you’re prepared to film your advertisement.
The production company that you hired will shoot on location conformed to the plan. A crew hired in advanced formed by a producer,a director, a DOP-director of photography, assistants,technicians & electricians, actors and extras, make-up artists and stylists will all be present on set for the whole shooting time.Normally you need between 10 and 12 hours to shoot an add. Larger commercials might need longer periods of time but that happens not so often because of the high costs.
Edit Your Footage

Using professional softwares an editor together with the director will choose the best shoots and put together accordingly to the scenario.
Special effects will be crafted where needed and colorisation will be made in order to visually shape the advert at it’s best. Finally music will be added.
To refrain from copyright violations, ensure that you have properly licensed music, graphics or any other footage.

Show Your Commercial

Once you’ve edited your material you need to get it spotted.
The traditional path is to purchase airtime on television, and for some adverts that might function.
Individuals are watching so much on the web though that you might aspire to consider managing your commercial online. You can purchase online video add space via Google and other providers.YouTube is also a good place to air your product. Besides that you can also prolong the life of your add by displaying behind-the-scenes footage and bloopers on your YouTube channel.

As a conclusion,when thinking about making an advert for your company remember this:

-focus on one topic per add
-create a unique story for your brand
-work with professionals

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