[:en]We believe what we see. A video can do what nothing else can do in the field of marketing. Videos that represent a firm need to be precisely evaluated from every angle before it reaches the audience. A good video can lift the company and a bad one can hurt the cause. Here are the far-reaching and influential tips that you should keep in mind while making a corporate video.

1- Find the Related Stories: The first step to making a corporate video is generally finding a direction, making a plan that would be implemented using the video. Most of the marketing experts find stories in everyday life that relate to what the corporation is doing, these stories are used in making the video. The best thing about this strategy is that it targets the audience on a ground level that nothing else can. Using the related stories from the local communities adds magic to the corporate video.

2- Follow Your Heart: It is widely believed that the smaller organizations should follow the footsteps of bigger organizations. Which leads to the notion that while making a corporate video, we should keep the related videos of larger organizations. Drop this idea, when you make a video for your business, make sure you follow your heart and this is the only way you are going to represent your own company in a precise manner. You may forget the essence of your own firm if you are too much into other organizations that are bigger in size and in finance.

3- Use the Technology: You should keep in mind that you are not making a Hollywood film, you do not have to worry too much about the production. However, you must use the technology to redress the needs of production. A proper use of technology leads to a better level of production. If your video looks professional, you will definitely get a souped up response.

4- Size Matters: YouTube gets over two billion audiences every day. Most of the audience prefer videos that are with the time span of three to five minutes. Making a larger corporate video may describe your business better, but it may not get as many hits as a shorter video can. So, make it precise and make it short.

5- Summarize The Theme: Videos and ads that use one or two sentences to summarize the whole theme are likely to get more popular. Most of the corporations use this technique and get a sizeable response from the media. Use interesting and entertaining sentences to best describe your main theme and use it at the end of the video[:]